July 28, 2011

My little slice of the orange...

You may not have wondered yet, but at some point, you may look at my blog title and url and wonder about it. My little Slice of the Orange. Sure, we've heard of someones slice of a pie or your part of the world...but an orange? Well, if you've read The Secret Garden, it may sound more familiar. I was re-reading the Secret Garden recently and falling in love with the contrary Mary Lennox, Colin and Dickon all over again. Dickon's mother, who is raising 12 kids well, shared a bit of advice that she once gave one of her kids. She told them the world is an orange, and each person gets a little slice of the orange, but not the whole orange-and the sooner they learned that, the better off they would be. Well, aside from my occasional ramblings about trying to take over the world someday, I know quite well I don't get the whole orange. It did seem though an apt title for this blog. I'm really not sure exactly what direction or form this blog will take. In some manner though, it should promise to be a small insight into the little slice of the orange that is mine.

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