October 30, 2011

First REAL Snow of the Season!

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I think its soooo pretty and love the look of a sunny, snowy day. However, I hate driving in it, dealing with ice on the roads, and being cold :) We did technically get snow a couple weeks ago, but it was only an inch or two. Last Week though, we got a real snow-I have no idea how much fell, but there was easily 6-8 in. on the ground (the ground was warm so lots melted).
Now, this is first snow of the season was the BEST kind of all (in my opinion). Since it had been practically 80 degrees just a couple days earlier, the ground was still warm. Which meant, that when the snow hit the ground, it just melted instead of turning into ice. Let me tell you, when I can get a day where there is snow covering everything beautifully, yet, I don't have to deal with icy roads or it snowing as I drive (it mostly snowed during the night), that is the kind of day when I like snow a lot.

These pics are of our snow covered backyard

In case you're wondering, the days when I LOVE snow are when I don't have to be anywhere and can just enjoy it from the warmth of my home :)


Peter and I had the privilege to attend one of his co-worker's weddings back in August. I have always been one of those girls who liked weddings. I actually didn't have my planned from the time I was 7, but that was mostly because my tastes would change every couple of years and therefore, my ideal wedding changed with it. I can tell you, had I gotten married younger, I most certainly wouldn't have considered a winter wedding (which, for a number of reasons, I'm SUPER happy we did. It was a beautiful day with just a bit of snow on the ground). Had I gotten married before just out of high school or in early college, the main color would have lavender. Mid college till about a year after-it would have been a bright, summery version of blue. As it was, I was torn between a dark eggplant purple and a deep, almost royal but not quite, blue. And truthfully, as unromantic as it sounds, my final decision really was decided based on which venue we choose. Wedding venues often come with a choice of linen colors and therefore, you are sort of limited to what they have. As it was, the venue we chose had a great dark purple linen and therefore, the decision was made! deep purple it was!

As I started to say at the beginning, I've always liked weddings. Since planning my own however, I notice EVERYTHING about weddings! All the little details about a wedding, I pay attention (just think brides, If I'm at your wedding and you are thinking NO one will actually notice all the little details you spend hours putting into your wedding, fear not-at least one person will notice and appreciate!)

Anyways, this co-workers wedding was at the beautiful Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. The hotel was really pretty and neat. see for yourself...

The ceremony was supposed to be outside (which would have been a gorgeous view), but threatening rain kept in inside in a very pretty concert hall. Her main color was also a purple and everything looked beautiful. My favorite aspect of the wedding was her centerpieces, particularly for the head table. They had a very romantic, but kinda woodsy feel to them. I loved them as soon as I saw them. Using floating candles and branches is a pretty popular idea these days. I loved that she used them in a unique way that I haven't seen very often (if ever). (often, branches are used as more of "trees" on a table or put into a vase and frequently there are crystals of some type hanging from them).

October 25, 2011

Painting Nails

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I spent a week with my family in NC. It was a lot of fun and with 6 nieces and nephews under 8, quite entertaining as well. I love watching little kids minds work and process things. My Sister in law became the instant favorite by painting my two nieces nails,-fingers AND toes. They are 2 and 6 and enjoyed it tremendously.
Check out the picture-

Now take a closer look at the Bethany's (the littlest) hands....Do you see her nails? nope-but in her 2 yr old brain she's doing what I asked-showing them off. I told her I couldn't see her nails and so I asked her to turn them around (and showed her with my own hands). She looked at me and then Mikayla with a very confused expression and after about 30 seconds of moving her hands in various ways, this is what I got

Don't you just love this?

October 19, 2011

Names are confusing

At my counseling internship site, there are about 10 interns and 2 of us are privileged to have the same name (which, I will not actually be posting since I'm trying to keep my name off my blog). Since we both started our internship around the same time, it has proved to be interesting and entertaining as clients and the people we work with try to keep us straight. 
Case in point...I was meeting a new client for the first time and we had scheduled a 10am appointment. Now, Even though we call new clients, give them our names, and set up appointments ourselves, it isn't uncommon for them to forget who they were meeting with. At 9:30 that morning, I get a call from our coordinator asking whose number this is, I tell her and it turns out my client thought she had a 9am appointment. Our coordinator wanted to help her out by calling her counselor, but since she didn't remember my name, she had to search through her phone and guess which number might be mine. Thankfully, she put the client on the phone,we figured out the mix-up of the time and all was good.
SO here is a girl, who's a bit nervous already, has shown up an hour early and then I walk in right at 10 and hear this conversation happening with the OTHER intern with my name-
Client " I had a meeting at 10 with ___(my name)___"
Other intern with my name- "uhhh...we had a mtg at 10? I don't have a 10am client....I have an 11am client.....???"
Client- ".......????????????????.............."
thankfully, I walk in at that moment and explain that I have a session with her, not the other intern! Both the other intern and the client looked visibly relieved.

October 17, 2011

Broncos cupcakes!

My husband and I had a chili cook-off/broncos game event to go to the other week. As what typically happens, guys were supposed to bring soda and girls a dessert or other item of some sort. It was a Younglife leadership event, and since I'm his wife and he's the actual leader, I didn't really NEED to bring anything, but he knows I like to make stuff and so let me know about the request. Since I was studying, I wasn't sure if I would have time, but it turned out that one day I really needed a break, and baking cupcakes seemed like a fun break to take. I bought new icing colors and was determined to do some fun colors...........Once I remembered it was for a football game, I figured Broncos colors would be ideal. I will totally admit that I had to look them up on the Internet to find out what the actual colors were (good thing I did, too-my guess was quite off)
I decided to make mini cupcakes since people tend to like the little bite size deals :)

More baking!

Well. I found out I passed one of my exams! I won't know about the other one for a while, but at least it's done with!

In early September, I made my birthday cake! It certainly won't win any awards and the writing is quite crooked, BUT, it was my first layered cake (just 2 layers), it didn't fall over, and it sure tasted good-so I was pleased.

A little while later, a friend and I made some more cake pops. They turned out pretty well, though I learned the lesson that even though making them bigger might SEEM like a great idea, it really isn't-unless I want them all to fall off their sticks, that is :) oh well, ya live and learn.

October 10, 2011


I've been busy, and thus no blog posts have been written. Truthfully, one is only being written now because I am at my internship, ready to head home, but if I leave right now, I will be running into a lot of traffic.

I've heard from a couple people that they weren't able to post comments on my blogs. I'm not really sure why, but I changed a setting that will hopefully help. If you find you cannot post a comment, please email or facebook me and let me know.

For the last month or two (with the exception of a week I spent in NC), I've been studying pretty much non stop for two major comprehensive exams I have. One of them, which I took last weekend, I have to pass in order to graduate from my Masters program and the other, that I take this weekend, I have pass in order to become licensed as a counselor. It's even more fun that one was all essay and the other all multiple choice, which really means 2 different study methods! yay! (please note the sarcasm) I look forward to having a life once again after next Saturday :)

As I mentioned, I did take a little time off from studying and spent a week in NC with my family (I still studied a bit here and there and on the plane) which was amazing. I plan to add pics at some point. For the time being, I recommend that you check out my Sister-in-law's blog. She has already added a lot of pictures that are really fun from the week. I haven't taken the time yet to  figure out how to add other blogs to the side of mine, so if you want to get to hers, head here- http://metzler-family.blogspot.com/

It's time for me to head home, but I will be back soon with more pictures and stories :)