October 10, 2011


I've been busy, and thus no blog posts have been written. Truthfully, one is only being written now because I am at my internship, ready to head home, but if I leave right now, I will be running into a lot of traffic.

I've heard from a couple people that they weren't able to post comments on my blogs. I'm not really sure why, but I changed a setting that will hopefully help. If you find you cannot post a comment, please email or facebook me and let me know.

For the last month or two (with the exception of a week I spent in NC), I've been studying pretty much non stop for two major comprehensive exams I have. One of them, which I took last weekend, I have to pass in order to graduate from my Masters program and the other, that I take this weekend, I have pass in order to become licensed as a counselor. It's even more fun that one was all essay and the other all multiple choice, which really means 2 different study methods! yay! (please note the sarcasm) I look forward to having a life once again after next Saturday :)

As I mentioned, I did take a little time off from studying and spent a week in NC with my family (I still studied a bit here and there and on the plane) which was amazing. I plan to add pics at some point. For the time being, I recommend that you check out my Sister-in-law's blog. She has already added a lot of pictures that are really fun from the week. I haven't taken the time yet to  figure out how to add other blogs to the side of mine, so if you want to get to hers, head here- http://metzler-family.blogspot.com/

It's time for me to head home, but I will be back soon with more pictures and stories :)

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