October 30, 2011

First REAL Snow of the Season!

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I think its soooo pretty and love the look of a sunny, snowy day. However, I hate driving in it, dealing with ice on the roads, and being cold :) We did technically get snow a couple weeks ago, but it was only an inch or two. Last Week though, we got a real snow-I have no idea how much fell, but there was easily 6-8 in. on the ground (the ground was warm so lots melted).
Now, this is first snow of the season was the BEST kind of all (in my opinion). Since it had been practically 80 degrees just a couple days earlier, the ground was still warm. Which meant, that when the snow hit the ground, it just melted instead of turning into ice. Let me tell you, when I can get a day where there is snow covering everything beautifully, yet, I don't have to deal with icy roads or it snowing as I drive (it mostly snowed during the night), that is the kind of day when I like snow a lot.

These pics are of our snow covered backyard

In case you're wondering, the days when I LOVE snow are when I don't have to be anywhere and can just enjoy it from the warmth of my home :)

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