October 25, 2011

Painting Nails

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I spent a week with my family in NC. It was a lot of fun and with 6 nieces and nephews under 8, quite entertaining as well. I love watching little kids minds work and process things. My Sister in law became the instant favorite by painting my two nieces nails,-fingers AND toes. They are 2 and 6 and enjoyed it tremendously.
Check out the picture-

Now take a closer look at the Bethany's (the littlest) hands....Do you see her nails? nope-but in her 2 yr old brain she's doing what I asked-showing them off. I told her I couldn't see her nails and so I asked her to turn them around (and showed her with my own hands). She looked at me and then Mikayla with a very confused expression and after about 30 seconds of moving her hands in various ways, this is what I got

Don't you just love this?


  1. Well, I was trying to post a comment, but blogger bugged on me and deleted it. Ugh. Anyhow, try again. I saw Steph painting the girls nails, and Mikayls and Bethany made sure to show me the finished product (since I think I have painted Mikayla's nails once in her life . . . maybe), but I just sat here laughing so much I was getting tears in my eyes because I never saw you trying to take their picture! I can totally see Bethany trying to figure out how to do with her hands what you were asking her to do - in total confusion!! Thank you for the great laugh!!

  2. haha-isn't this great? i didn't think about it, otherwise I would have totally told you. I'm pretty sure Peter and I were the only witnesses to this.

    Sarah (for some reason it doesn't let me post under my actual actual sign in name...weird)