February 21, 2012

these are to die for...

oh my goodness, I made some mint Oreo balls and they were AMAZING. After a friend made some Oreo balls that were fabulous, I had to ask her how she did it/what she used. Just a couple days later, I came across a post on pinterest where someone had made Oreo balls, but used mint oreos.

I tried it last night (well...I wrote this like a month ago and am just now posting, so not really last night).  A couple friends of mine from college were coming over for dinner and to hang out for the evening and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. They were an absolute hit. And by hit, I mean we all loved them. Really, this picture doesn't do them justice.

Here's the recipe..try it yourself.

1 package of oreos (mint or regular)
6 oz. cream cheese
melted chocolate chips (to dip them in, any kind work. I used some white chips that I could dye and then a combo of milk chocolate and semi sweet for the rest)

  • Finely chop the oreos (i broke them up first and then used a blender). Dump in a bowl. dump the cream cheese (softened) in the bowl. Mix them up. form into 1 in. balls, place on cookie sheet and stick in the fridge for 20 min. or so.
  • Melt the chocolate. pull the Oreo balls out of the fridge and dip them in the chocolate, then place on wax paper.
  • To dip, I used stuck Popsicle sticks in them and dipped them like I do my cake pops, then I just pulled the stick out and spooned a bit of chocolate over the hole to cover it up.
  • Let set and harden, then consume
  • Try not to eat all in one sitting.
*One package of mint oreos made the 21 oreo balls you see on the platter.