May 15, 2012

More cookies!

Remember those spring cupcakes I posted earlier this week? Well, we made those for younglife leadership night. At this particular meeting, we met a new awesome young life leader. Well, she saw the cupcakes we made and asked if we'd like to bake something for a bake sale that was going to raise money for a young mom with breast cancer. Of COURSE we said YES! [I should stop for a moment and say how awesome and courageous it was to ask us when she had just met us!]. What a great reason to bake!

My friend, L, made salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars. They were pretty darn good. The recipe is on my pinterest board, sweets, if you are interested.

I made cookies (like that was a surprise to anyone). I got cancer ribbon cookie cutter and did a bunch of ribbon cookies and then also did some fun summery sunglasses, sandals, and margarita glasses (all new cookie cutters given to me! so fun to put them to use!). I found myself thinking of a few women I had known of who have struggled with breast cancer as I was making them.


  1. Hey - I found you! The cookies/cakes are wonderful. Exciting to see this "creative" side of you take off! Love it.

    So-o-o- when you come home this August, what are you gonna make for all of us? Cookies? Cakes? All of the above? Beach/wave scene???? Start thinking!

    Love ya, Missing you tons,

  2. I'm glad you found it! I'll be thinking about what to make (or bring with) for august! I've got a couple cookie cutters on an online wishlist that If I get would be great for some Florida cookies (think alligators, palm trees, sand dollars, etc). We'll see