June 24, 2012

12th Birthday Cookies!

My oven broke about 3ish weeks ago. It literally just quit working one day, no clue why. Of course, the fact that it was probably 20 years old didn't help (no idea how old...but it looks pretty ancient). Really, it was a blessing. It's old. It didn't bake evenly. It didn't tell me when it was preheated (I got an oven thermometer so I could at least tell from that). We've wanted to replace it since we got married. It's just hard to convince ourselves that it was worth spending that kind of money when it DID still work. So, it breaking was unfortunate, especially cause the bread I tried making when it went kaput on me never got made :( However It gave us the reason to actually get the new one we've been talking about getting for a year and a half now. We looked online, read reviews, talked to my mom, and finally picked one. Of course, we picked one that they didn't have in the store, so I've been waiting patiently (sometimes not so patient) for a new one to arrive. Well guess what???? It comes TOMORROW!!! YAY! I'm so excited. I'm sure I'll post a picture at some point.

I'm telling you this, because, well, I write about baking and an oven is a pretty important thing for a baker. AND, cause it went kaput just a couple days before I had to bake some cookies for a friend's daughter's 12th birthday! uh oh...what to do? Thankfully, it wasn't an issue at all cause I have a friend who lives like 2 min. away and I was able to go and use her oven. So I made my dough, rolled out my cookies, put them on cookie sheets and drove them over to her house. Then, I baked them and drove back. fun stuff. It totally worked out and the cookies were a ton of fun to do.

I was given only a few instructions. The birthday girl's favorite color was blue and she wanted some butterflies and flowers, specifically roses. I had gotten some fun birthday type cutters that I wanted to use, so I chose variety to add in along with the butterflies and roses.


  1. I love what you're doing Sarah! It's so much fun to see this creative side coming out. And, F.Y.I we are going to be celebrating Alaina's 1st birthday while you and Peter are with us in Florida. Now, I don't know what Steph's ideas are (I hear the plan has something to do with Mermaids, though). Maybe along with her cake we could use some cookies from a favorite Colorado Aunt..I don't know...just thinking out loud here! Mom P.S. waiting to see some things baked in your new oven!

  2. I'm excited we get to help celebrate Alaina's birthday! I mentally had planned to make cookies and bring them with me to Florida anyways...so whether those are just for the family for the week or specifically for the birthday doesnt matter to me! Just let me know, so I know if there's a direction I need to go in :)

  3. Hey Sarah I just saw this. Thanks so much for the cookies, they were awesome and I had no idea of the kinks to get them finished. Looking at the picture I can almost taste them. I keep saying you have a talent and it is great to see it being used.