August 6, 2012

Chocolate covered sweets!

I've been so focused on my most recent cookie project that I completely forgot I had other yummy sweets to post! I just finished some cookies over the weekend that I'm really excited about! I'm actually entering some of them in a contest :) I'm not posting them yet, but be on the look out for them!

For today's post, I was asked to make some chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels for a friend's bridal shower and it was fun to do something a little different! I started dipping the pretzels in the normal fashion and then remembered after about 3 pretzels how old (aka tiring) that process gets. So I came up with a different way. I spread a layer of pretzels onto wax paper, put my chocolate into an icing bag and covered the entire layer back and forth. I put it in the freezer to help it harden, pulled it out, flipped the layer over and did the other side. Then I broke them apart. It came out looking different, but kind of neat. I really wish I had taken a picture before I broke the pretzels apart. The sheet of iced pretzels looked really cool.

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