March 16, 2012

butterfly cookies!

I ordered some new fun butterfly cookie cutters after deciding the one I had was a bit boring. Don't these just look fun?

In the same order, I also got the kitchenaid beaterblade that has the spatula-like edges so that it scrapes the sides of the bowl and the bottom as it beats. I love it! I spent so much less time scraping the bowl. It formed a lip of dough/icing above where the blade hits the bowl that I would have to scrape off, but that I could basically do while it was going. I think I'm going to end up being quite grateful that I made the decision to get it.

Alright, here are the butterfly cookies I made with my fun new cookie cutters.

The blue one in the upper left corner was inspired by AliBee's blue butterfly cookie that you can see here. My Green icing wasn't at the right consistency and I can totally tell. Seriously, getting the right consistency is really important and not easy.

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