March 23, 2012

Cookies for J!

My MIL hired me to make some cookies to send to my husbands younger brother. I thought it was a great idea and a chance to find out how well cookies would ship.

I figured my previous selection of flowers and butterflies wasn't really appropiate for a young man, so i set about thinking of what I could do that he would enjoy. I decided I could send a variety of my tie-dye, swirly, marbled cookies in some manly colors (aka-not pink and purple).

After I came up with those, I wanted to come up with something else too. I started thinking about what my brother in law enjoyed and how I could incorporate something into a cookie. I thought about doing some soccer balls...and didn't feel like dealing with the whole multiple hexagons. He loves backpacking and camping, so I started thinking in that direction. I finally settled on a cookie depicting the Rocky Mountains since I know he loves spending time up in the mountains (on all those backpacking trips). I only found a couple of inspirations on the web, so I was more "on my own" than some of the other designs I've done.
Here's what I came up with...I like them, butd efinitely still want to brainstorm for how I can make them even better.

I took a picture of the cookies packaged that I sent to him before they got boxed up. The round ones actually have 2 cookies in each bag.

I wrote this a few days ago, but was waiting on to find out from my Brother-in-law what condition they arrived in. I was happy to find out they shipped great! None of them ended up broken, smooshed or hurt in anyway! Yay!

I also packaged a few of the other pretty ones you've been seeing in the past posts and shipped a few out to my super sweet step sister-in-law who's going through a lot lately. I was happy to hear she enjoyed getting them and that those also arrived in great condition! 

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