March 3, 2012

petit fail...oh wait...petit fours

ok, truthfully, these weren't actually fail, but I REALLY thought they were going to be for a while while making them. For a few reasons, they turned out less like true petit fours What made mine different?

no marzipan layer-couldn't find the stuff to make it or buy it pre-made
buttercream filling instead of a jelly-my personal choice, cause it sounded yummier
a box cake mix instead of the true sponge mix i should have used-all the blog describing this recipe has tons of comments about how difficult these were, so I figured I'd make at least one step easier on myself.

What ARE they? Basically, tiny 2 layer cakes with a buttercream filling covered in a chocolate ganache coating. The flowers on top were made from royal icing.

I adore tiny desserts-not that I've made many, I just always gravitate towards the pictures. After all, who doesn't like a bite size dessert that they can just pop in their mouth when they want something sweet?

Well, these made me almost give up-mostly cause it was a process that went better over a few days-however, those few days gave me time to lose steam and motivation. I brought some to a friend after I made them and as a fellow person who enjoys baking, she asked if I would do them again (best question to ask ever!) I told her they weren't worth it and I probably wouldn't make them again. However, I think I've changed my mind. Why? 1) They tasted REALLY good. 2) My husband really seemed to enjoy them. and 3) I think I've come up with a few methods/tools to make it a bit easier.
In case you didn't know, baking is generally a bit of messy endeavour.  Considering I'm pretty good at getting messy all on my own, me + baking = disastrously messy

These are definitely at the top of the messiest things I've ever made-they even beat out cake pops. In case you don't believe me, here's the proof...

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