April 28, 2012

A Bridal Shower!

A While back, I was invited to a friend's bridal shower. I asked if I could help make anything (baking-wise that is), and the host said I could bring some cookie favors! I was excited to get the little Wilton's wedding pack and try my hand at some bridal cookies. The cake was fun to work with, but I think the little dress may have been my favorite.
The bride's colors are Tiffany blue and a bright poppy red. I did my best to recreate the colors. Not having a reference for red, mine ended up darker than what she's going for and the blue needed to be a tad lighter. Still, I think they were close enough ;) If you've worked with royal icing before, you know that it tends to darken in the 24 hrs. after you've made it (it does this whether its already on the cookie or not). I still haven't quite figured out how much it darkens and how to account for that. So honestly, I think I "probably" had a pretty good Tiffany blue initially and then it darkened from there. I'll never know!

Regardless, I absolutely love these colors together. I think it's such a pretty combination. Had I gotten married in spring or summer, I likely would have considered these colors myself.

And finally, the cookies themselves...

I attached little toppers to all the cookie bags


  1. Oo so adorbs! I love them- you are truly getting better each time I see a new post! Proud of u and miss u and Peter Parker :) steph

  2. Thanks Steph! Miss you and love you too!