April 13, 2012

Super Bowl Cupcakes...that never saw the light of day

Goodness...I am so behind on posting! I have pictures from multiple things that I have yet to put up! My plan today was to at least put up pics of some Easter cookies I made, but I forgot I took all the pics on my hubby's phone and haven't put them on my computer yet. So hopefully I will get those and soon!

In the mean time...I will finish a post I started a long time ago from a cupcake mishap back in January.

I had wanted to make something fun for the super bowl and settled on some cute football cupcakes-simple, fun, and yummy. What could go wrong? They were baked, decorated, done. See...here's the proof-

Of course, some of you may have been at the same super bowl party I was and you're thinking, "I don't remember any cupcakes."

Well, that would be because they never made it there. See, I have this neat cupcake/cake carrier that *seems* like a great idea. I used it to carry a 9x 13 cake once, it worked great. There's this little tray that you put in the carrier has raised edges for normal cupcakes on one side and mini cupcakes on the other side. In theory, a fantastic idea that should allow you to take your cupcakes wherever you need to go.

In reality, the edges that held each cupcake in place were were much too short to do any good. we didn't even get to turn the car on before one bad move sent all the cupcakes tipped over on there sides into each other. There was no saving them. Unfortunately (or fortunately), no pictures post disaster. And when I say they got messed up, I don't mean a couple were messed up and the rest were fine...I mean the frosting was messed up on just about every single one. Awesome, right? yeah...not so much.

They still tasted good, so I'm sure I could have brought them into the party, but I just couldn't do it. 

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