April 25, 2012

Birthday cake pops!

Remember the little girl's birthday cookies I did? (as in the previous post) Well her mom (who also loves to bake) wanted to cake pops instead of cake for her daughter's birthday this year. Since we liked to hang out and bake together, she asked me to join her in  making cake pops for the party.

We did chocolate cake with pick and purple for the outside. I learned a lesson with these. For the purple, we started with pink candy melts and tried coloring from there. I figured the fact that we had purple, red, and blue food coloring we could come up with a good color. Honestly, we never really loved the purple we came up with. In the future, I will either start with purple or white candy melts and color from there.

Remember the adorable tags this mom did for the cookies? Well, she made an adorable stand for the cake pops also. I'm learning from her to think outside the box on the display aspect. (I can do the baking...my brain has to be trained to think crafty presentation!)

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