April 14, 2012

Easter Cookies!

I told myself that even though I am way behind on some pictures and posts, I'm going to put my Easter cookies up within a decent time frame. So here they are, only a week after the event. yay! I think it helps that I ended up with only a few pictures since they were all taken at the last minute (I almost forgot entirely-oops).

I'll be honest, I had grander visions in my head when I started these. However, I got into a few arguments with these cookies cause they just didn't want to follow directions (or my hands weren't doing what my brain said to do, I'd rather blame it on the cookies). I was happy in the end with how they turned out, they just weren't quite what I pictured.

I mentioned earlier that I took the pictures at the last minute...and truly, I did. We joined my SIL's family for Easter this year. Since, I completely forgot about pics, I ended up taking some once we were already there. However, because of that, I was able to snag one of my SIL's mom's pretty China plates as a backdrop! When I was taking pics, they were all just in a big tupperware and I forgot to take pics of ALL the cookies once they were transferred onto a nice platter-oh well!

This poor little duck never got his feet! I meant to add them and completely forgot!

I used Wilton's pearly spray (edible glittery spray for food) on these.
The picture doesn't do it justice at all-they looked pretty neat in person.

These were adorable tiny cookies I made. They were all just about 1 inch big and covered in sugar sprinkles! They were so fun!

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